Enhancing the Fabric of the Family

Enhancing the Fabric of Family (E.F.F.)  Is designed to engage community members in discussions about positive development of youth as an Alcohol and other Drug prevention strategy. It is structured to re-establish an enhanced, healthy, well and whole family where the family is child centered and grounded in love, resulting in the family unit being the cause of the essential act of personal and collective preservation by.

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Cultural Enhancement


Under the Enhancing the Fabric of Family program, the Youth Cultural Enhancement  program works with youth 11-17 years of age, and is designed to promote community advocacy and leadership development skills by helping youth to identify, understand, and utilize the best of their respective culture. The program provides structured activities that honor and strengthen family ties, and offers civic engagement projects that empower the youth to seek ways to address issues that are affecting the community.


Black Family Life and Culture, acknowledges no one agency or individual can service all the needs of the community. It truly "Take the Village". We practice that cultural tradition by listening to the Village tell us what their needs are. We have practiced that thru the following projects.

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"There is a need for mental health professionals that look like us, helping us"

African American Mental Health Wellness

HUB Design Project

The design team is working with the community, family advocates, consumers and mental health professionals to identify the needs of the community dealing with mental health issues. Through this process we will design a Wellness HUB that honors the needs of the community that include the use of traditional practices and healing approaches that respect and builds upon the cultural values of the African American community.

Life’s Choices ...

This program is being designed to work with young adults (18 and older), entering the workforce and adults re-entering the workforce and/or changing career paths. The mission is to instill clarification and to encourage the participants to take ownership of their circumstances and current situations through structurally interlocking learning/development exercises that build on the application of cultural orientation and mutually reinforcing coaching techniques. Upon completion of this program, participants will have gained the ability to develop positive behaviors that will aid in the development of personal plans of self-sustainability and sufficiency. We offer vocational and character development training that will lead to gainful employment, in addition to educational resources for participants interested in continuing and/or furthering their academic career.

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Voices from the Village

Narrated by: Dr. Wade W. Nobles , Founder